FURNITURE srl develops and manufactures standard and customized solutions for the furnishing of shops, including: custom furniture for any type of store (bar furniture, furniture hardware, furniture, beauty parlors, tobacco furniture, furniture for clothing store, furniture for haberdashery, furniture for home appliance stores, furniture hardware stores, furniture phone shop, paint shop for furniture, furniture for optics, furniture and furnishings for perfumery stores any industry sector).

COUNTER SALES srl manufactures and sells stalls tailored to particular needs (custom drawers, retractable shelves, illuminated windows) and depending on the intended use: bar counters, counters for ice cream shops …

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS srl has developed over the years professional experience in the field of personalized creations with the purpose of providing practical projects and ideas of the client. Castellani has created for shops, stores and malls, highly customized solutions in terms of furniture and lighting, has managed the design and construction of showcases and stands, and edited the custom furniture for hotels and rooms pool. srl is responsible for furnishing store using a wide implementable solutions including: corner shop self – service, gondola with rounded glass shelves, gondola with shaped tops, self – service with metal shelves, gondola with wooden floors rounded, embossed with special angles, structure lackeys, magazine racks, storage bulky goods, dividing rod for bulky goods, corner exposure goods blistered, self – service wall with drawers in separators, furniture bazaar bathing, display cases with structure in lattice , wall shelving, floors cigarette holder, pannelii staved structure for glass tops and back in polycarbonate shelf semicircular head, sales counter with slatted panels and drawers, bench warehouse sale, sales counter with front windows, front desk with panels curved corner panel shaped desk with shelves and tilting.