CASTELLANI S.r.l. has developed a wide range of solutions and bespoke furniture for offices: desks and furniture for executive offices, operational, desk and bookcases.


Everything for your executive office or presidential conference tables, desks, cabinets, bookcases and console. Our tables can be of various shapes and sizes (with possibility of extension) of various combinations (cherry, frosted glass, walnut) and different forms. All this is aimed to revolutionize the traditional plan of work, offering new possibilities of expression, style and prestigious to obtain solutions. The desks can have the frame structure, made of solid wood or MDF lacquered in brown color.


Broad overview of solutions for group work and individual, to ensure flexibility and functionality, ergonomics, mobility and economy of space. Modularity Modular, flexible spatial compositions, informal and ergonomic, work tables can be customized with individual adjustable accessories and mobile equipment, furniture and equipped adjustable.


Tables interview table terminal and public plans, all to the structure of the front office. Solutions for reception including container door unit attachable to the vertical elements, panels inspected for engineering, cable, plugs and sockets vertical elements mirror.

CASTELLANI S.r.l. builds custom furniture solutions for offices and has a great range of products among which, executive office wooden frame glass, T-leg structure with metallic skirt, wooden desk with leather top, desk with glass table , executive office with top in wenge, meeting table with wooden legs, office wood with metal legs, meeting table with metal legs, executive office glass tops and skirt with metallic finishes, glass meeting table, meeting table circular circular meeting table veneered in walnut leaves, elliptical conference table in walnut leaves, furniture made with library modules, workstations, multiple workstations, workstations with multiple shelves behind, double station with facial partition, conference table, office operating with peninsula, wood reception pannelata, reception room with wooden disabled, reception tempered glass, reception with semi-circular glass top, front view and rear reception form a horseshoe with tempered glass .