Self-service shelves

The self-service shelves are part of the range dedicated to furnishing stores or functional spaces for sale. Like other types produced by ns. Company, adopt a system of interlocking assembly that allows for easy installation or modification. BROWSE THE SHELVES SELF SERVICE


The modular metal shelving medium flow is completely interlocking, thus facilitating the assembly operations or modification. The finish of the series is made with polyester powder coating textured finish (blue avion for the pillars, gray for the rest of 7038) of average thickness 60/80 micron combining pleasantness, aesthetic and strength, and some small parts are galvanized steel. Castellani SRL also resells shelving medium duty fully galvanized (in the case of the hanger with a thickness of 1,5 mm.) BROWSE THE MEDIUM FLOW RACKING


Our company is able to provide metal shelving also suitable storage of palletized goods, bulky or heavy, providing the right type, whatever the measurement needs and scope.   BROWSE THE SHELVES HIGH CAPACITY Ask for a free custom quote for your shelves
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