The self-service shelves are part of the range dedicated to furnishing stores or functional spaces to vendita.Come other types produced by ns. Company, adopt a system of interlocking assembly that allows for easy installation or modification. This type of shelving is completely metal sheets produced using high-quality steel S235JR UNI EN 10027, and is painted with epoxy powder finish textured medium weight 60/80 micron. The available colors are specified in our color chart. On request it is possible to obtain customizations, using plans or materials backs melamine finish in legno.L ‘construction of stores is complemented by our range of stalls with metal structures and upper floors in melamine or laminate.

Modularity and size

Heights of the Uprights (height shelving) Measurements (mm.): 1440 (centre shelves) 1980 2520 2880 (wall shelves) Lengths Plans (span lenghts) Measurements (mm.): 450 750 970 Depth Shelves Support (depth shelves) Misure (mm.): 300 400 500 600   Number of spans: depending on the amount of linear feet of you need. We can offer shares at an angle. Spans Lenght corresponds to the length of the plans in the same span, all floors of a span must have the same length, the spans of the same shelf may have different lengths. Depth shelving: corresponds to the depth of planes present in the same span; in the same span can have different planes of depth, not exceeding, however, to that of the base.     N.B. Nin the development of the shelf, in addition to the required length, are to be considered an additional 60 mm of space.

Standard colors

WHITE RAL 9003 ALLUMINIUM RAL 9006 BLACK AVION (KIND OF BLUE) White RAL 9003 is standard for: plans, backs, feet central and accessories; The other colors, including the same WHITE, are standard: uprights, sockets, terminals feet, ceiling and drawers to base.

Special Colours

With times longer delivery, we are able to perform the following colorations. GREEN 6019 GREEN 6029 YELLOW 1016 YELLOW 1021 RED 3000 AVION BLUE 5015 BLUE 5010 IVORY 1013 GREY 7038 ALLUMINIUM 9006 ANTHRACITE 7016 BLACK For other colors, outside the list, ask the feasibility and budget. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PRICES AND AVAILABILITY SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY OF SOLUTIONS Ask for a free custom quote for your rack.  
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