Our company is able to provide suitable metal shelving also storage of palletised goods , bulky or heavy, Providing the right type, whatever the measurement needs and scope. All elements of the structure are calculated according to the criteria prescribed by the rules and tables CNR-UNI 10022/84 , the safety factor adopted, therefore, is not less than 1.5. Furthermore the arrows elastic profiles are always lower than 1/200 of the length of the stringers. These racks are made from high-quality steel S235JR UNI EN 10027 with textured finish of average thickness 60/80 micron.

Modularity and sizes

heights of the Uprights (height shelving) Measures (mm.): 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 *6000 *Height only available in version HIGH CAPACITY. length stringers (L span) Measures (mm.): 1350 1800 2200 2700 3000 *3500 *Lenght only available in version HIGH CAPACITY. Depth spans (depth shelves) Measures (mm.): 600 800 1000 1200 Depending on the portion of the cross, which affect the scope, these shelves differ HIGH FLOW or MEDIUM FLOW .


HIGH CAPACITY Measures (mm.): 100x40x2 120x40x2 150x40x2 150x40x3 150x50x2 MEDIUM CAPACITY Meseaures (mm.): 60x40x1,5 80x40x1,5 100x40x1,5

Standard Colours

Grey RAL 7038 The painted version has the color of the series GREY 7038 The version is unpainted galvanized .

Available accessories platform for the loading.

They can be made of galvanized steel strips of thickness 0.7 mm. or chipboard thickness of 25 mm. resting on rails galvanized sheet 1.5 mm thick. Rompitratto. A pair of rompitratto serves to hold a pallet. They are made of sheet thickness of 1.5 mm. and are arranged perpendicularly to the cross members for increased safety in handling and during storage.

Cantilever & Drive-in

We design, develop and build structures CANTILEVER measure, designed to solve all your needs in terms of storage and storage. Particularly suitable materials consistent length as bars, bundles of tubes, profiles, extruded or floors and panels.     We design, develop and build structures DRIVE IN to measure, designed to solve all your needs in terms of storage and storage. The Drive-In is essentially a structure dollies corridors, particularly suitable for high-density storage according to the LIFO (last in – first out). This system allows to exploit in an intensive way the space that you have available eliminating the service corridors present in traditional storage systems. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PRICES AND AVAILABILITY BROWSE THE PHOTO GALLERY OF SOLUTIONS